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Enable / Disable Eloquent Query Caching

By default caching is disabled.

To enable it, go to app/Ship/Configs/repository.php config file and set cache > enabled => true, or set it from the .env file using ELOQUENT_QUERY_CACHE.

More details can be found here.

Users can skip the query caching and request new data by passing specific parameter to the Endpoint. Checkout the Query parameters page.

Change different caching settings

You can use different cache setting for each repository.

To set cache settings on each repository, first the caching must be enabled, second you need to set some properties on the repository class to override the default values.

For an example look at the app/Containers/Countries/Data/Repositories/CountryRepository.php class. For more details about all the properties refer to the L5 repository package documentation.

Note: you don’t need to use the CacheableRepository trait or implement the CacheableInterface since they both exist on the Abstract repository class (App\Ship\Parents\Repositories\Repository).